Year One Poems 

Just before half term, the year one children worked really hard to create their own poems using the style of John Hegley. We are tweeting this to him, in the hope that he will be really impressed and will leave us some feedback! Here are some examples of poems from the three year one classes 🙂 

Mini beasts!

On Tuesday, we were really lucky because some mini beasts, and Andrew, a mini beast expert came to visit us. There was a millipede, a skink, cockroaches, a tarantula and a python! Why not see if you child can remember any facts about these fantastic creatures 😊

Easter a Fun! 

What a busy week! Thank you so much for your support this term 🙂 Thank you also for your contributions to the different events that we have had too! Enjoy looking at our photos, have a lovely break and we will see you in two weeks 🙂 

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Brooks 

More Investigating! 

This week we have been investigating what materials could be used to make a boat. There were some really interesting predictions about which materials would float or sink and what would durable in the water. Lots of fun! 

Smiling In The Rain! 

We’ve had lots of brilliant investigating this week 🙂 We started off by having a discussion about raindrops and whether they were the same size. We planned our investigation, discussed our predictions and then we went outside to investigate. 

We also decided to investigate the best material for fixing a hole in an umbrella. Again, we made our predictions and planned our investigation, making sure that it was a fair test. Then we investigated different materials by pouring spoonfuls of water on to different materials. I think we have lots of budding scientists in Tawny Owls! 

Fractions and rain!

We’ve had another lovely but busy week in Tawny Owls. In maths we have been looking at fractions, focusing on halves and quarters. The best way to do this is with real life objects so there was only one thing for it… Cake! In literacy we have been looking at poetry, focusing on poems to do with weather. We talked about some of the sounds that rain makes and had a go at making the sound of rain using different instruments. This inspired us to think of some describing words for the sounds of rain and we will be using those words to write our own poems next week 🙂 

Tawny Owls and Barn Owls Smiley Mile! 

The sun was shining so there was only one thing to do… Laps around the field for charity! Everyone tried really hard when they were running laps around the field, we were all really proud of everyone that took part 🙂 

In the afternoon, the mascot from the charity, ‘Wish Upon a Smile,’ came to visit everyone. What a nice surprise! 

World Book Day 😃

Tawny Owls had a lovely day in Thursday, Celebrating World Day doing lots of book related activities… We designed book covers, measured our books and even had a visit from some of the older children to read our books together!