Another busy week!

This week, the year one children in Tawny owls have been looking at capacity and telling the time. We compared how much liquid different containers could hold, and with clocks we have been telling the time of o’clock and half past. 

In literacy we have been creating a class story map of the main events from the story, ‘Lost and Found.’ The children wrote sentences and created illustrations to show the main events.The children have been using sign language to retell the story and have even thought of their own actions to tell the story too! Why not ask your child to show you the signs for, boy, cold, boat, storm, help, penguin and morning 🙂 

Year One Tawny Owls

We’ve had a lovely week in Tawny Owls 🙂 Amongst lots of other things, We’ve been very busy comparing weights of different objects in Numeracy.

We’ve started a new topic too, all about weather. We’ve looked at the work of a famous artist and we were inspired! Some of use experimented with different tools and materials to create a water scene. Those of us that didn’t get a turn will be doing this activity next week and then we’ve got big plans for the finished pieces… Watch this space!