Smiling In The Rain! 

We’ve had lots of brilliant investigating this week 🙂 We started off by having a discussion about raindrops and whether they were the same size. We planned our investigation, discussed our predictions and then we went outside to investigate. 

We also decided to investigate the best material for fixing a hole in an umbrella. Again, we made our predictions and planned our investigation, making sure that it was a fair test. Then we investigated different materials by pouring spoonfuls of water on to different materials. I think we have lots of budding scientists in Tawny Owls! 

2 thoughts on “Smiling In The Rain! 

  1. Harley really enjoyed this work, it really seems to have captured his imagination as he has been busy experimenting with water at home too. Thank you for sharing the photos

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad that Harley has been enjoying this topic 🙂

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